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Main production machinery of SIFL comprise closed die forging hammers of 16 Ton, 10 Ton(16000 and 6Ton(10650 Open die forgings requirements are met with a 1Ton clear space hammer.

Other supporting facilities include shot blasting machines,Pneumatic trimming press of 1000Ton and 500Ton capacity, Hydraulic trimming press of 1200Ton capacity, Billet shearing machines and a number of oilfired and electric furnaces for soaking as part of forging process. There is a modern heat treatment plant equipped with number of furnaces both LDO fired and electrically heated and a charging machine which takes care of loading and unloading of heat treatment charges.

Our annual capacity is around 7500 Metric Tons.We manufacture closed die forgings in the weight range of 5 kg to 850 kg and open die forgings within 1kg to 75kg net weight per piece and ring rolling upto 650mmOD. The company has got the capability to manufacture forgings out of Carbon steels,Alloy steels,Stainless steels, Maraging steels,Aluminium alloys,Titanium alloys,Inconel(Su 718)etc


SIFL's design & engineering capabilities are ably backed by a well equipped Die Shop, set up along modern lines with Double Spindle Copy Milling Machines, Electrical Die Sinking Machine, CNC Die Sinking Machine,CNC Turning Centre, Radial Drilling machines, Heavy Duty Plano miller, Lathes, Tool & cutter grinders, etc. The design and development of the die holds the key to blemish-free forgings.

At SIFL, we design both single-impression and multi-impression dies. The design, of course, is related to the forging drawings. And the decision on the type of die to be used, is based on the specific requirement of each case. The care that goes into the design of each die, also goes into the selection of raw materials and the sequence of operation that follows. To facilitate uninterrupted operations, SIFL is equipped with standby Power Generators.

To keep pace with hi-tech developments,SIFL has equipped itself with CAD,CAM facilities like DELCAM for three dimensional modeling of Product, Die & Tool design etc. thereby minimising the development cycle time ..All these qualities have helped SIFL grow quickly into a premier forging unit, capable of producing forgings with close dimensional tolerances


The billets for forging are heated in oil fired or electric furnaces, closely controlling the temperature to reduce the scale formation and overheating so that the metallurgical properties are ensured in the final product. In addition, in-process inspection is carried out at all stages and 100% inspection for visual defects after forging. The accepted forgings are duly heat treated to ensure its mechanical properties. By providing heat treatment services in-house, SIFL is able to maintain greater control over heat treating process. The facility comprise batch furnaces both oil fired & electrical, continuous electrical heating furnaces, solution treatment etc. to carry out annealing, normalising, hardening, tempering, iso-thermal annealing, solution treatment etc or other operations as specified by our customer. Close temperature control and process monitoring with the help of temperature recorders ensures uniform properties duly supported by evaluation of metallurgical properties through representative test pieces.


Surface conditioning is done by shot blasting/grinding and final inspection is carried out once again to ensure quality requirements.Non-conformities are taken care of by timely corrective and preventive action. Calibration of electrical furnaces of SIFL are done by NABL accredited laboratories like HAL,STIC,CUSAT etc.

SIFL has set up a system of total quality control consisting of an array of state-of-the-art speciality equipments where your products go through a series of rigorous tests, the destructive test including tensile, jominy and impact testing, wet analysis, carbon-sulphur determination, insitu metallography(where microstructure can be observed without destroying the job) and non-destructive tests using Spectrometer, Microscope, Magnaflux crack detection, Die Penetrant,Ultrasonic flaw detection etc.We are now equiped with a new digital ultrasonic flaw detector which has got a range of 5mm to 5m in steel.

Setting and control of quality standards at all stages right from the receipt of raw material to the finished product through quality plan makes us deliver superior quality forgings with close dimensional tolerances and metallurgical properties.

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16Ton Hammer officially Inagurated
SIFL to go hand in hand with Brahmos Aerospace.
Special Award for notable achievement in Enterprise Performance,
, 2009-2010,2008-2009, instituted by Govt: ofKerala.
Best PSU Award Winner
2006-2007 & 2007-2008, instituted by Govt: of Kerala.

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